Again! Ninomiya’s story has been covered this website lately.He had lots of hot stuffs to talk about.

First, about his car accident 2 month ago. Then, his career, going on perfectly well with GANTZ 2011 will be touring the world for its promotion. First country had been announced and France is choosen!

And for the time being, it’s about his breakup with Nagasawa Masami (23). They seemed to date for long time since 2005. It was said that they saw Ninomiya at Nagasawa’s apartment in Tokyo last March.

Ninomiya told his close friend “ we are going to be fine with Nagasawa “. They were rumored to bring up marriage into view. According to the Weekly Jose, Ninomiya had been to nagasawa’s apartment every week and went back home by early train. However the situation has been changed since this March. According to the residential of Nagasawa’s apartment, “I don’t see Ninomiya-kun anymore

Entertainment production company people says, “ This because of mind confusion. Ninomiya-kun had changed since he popular now. This must be the big reason. Recently I hear he says to people around him, “ I am specialist for acting. I have a high standard in Hollywood””

Ninomiya recently drinks outside. At the drink session, he not only exchange mobile phone mail address with girls, but also send mails like ‘ do you come over to my house ?

March is the month were Nagasawa got really thin. When she appeared in Telephone shocking of Waratte Itomo, she got really thin, skinny like a model and had lost her teenage beauty. Clearly got bag and wrinkle.

Sport newspaper reporter says “ she must have reason such as trouble with staffs or pressure of works. She develops a feeling of distrust with Ninomiya’s relationship with girls. ” This February date of Ninomiya is Asami Mizukawa reported. Rumors had also said that he exchange mobile phone mail address when he still date Nagasawa. He hardly invites girls to his house. He visits girls house and go back home by calling cab.

The trigger which makes Ninomiya called a woman chaser is because he was forced to separate with an idol, Noniko Shina who dated him when he was teenager. It must be hard for him, had hurt deeply at such susceptible age, but Nagasawa is pity. Nagasawa starred in drama “Gold” starts from 8. The time aired is similar with Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

“This is just rumors, we dont have any statement from Ninomiya and Nagasawa. I still post this up because we have source. I opine that this may be due to mound and pressure of works. They just need more time to rest.”

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Source : menscyzo