All-girl pop idol group AKB48 played rock-paper-scissors in front of around 11,000 fans at the Nippon Budokan hall in Tokyo recently to select 16 members to sing on their 19th single CD, which will go on sale in December.

Through the ‘‘janken’’ hand game, Mayumi Uchida, 16, won the right to take center stage when singing the new song.

‘‘I was able to win first place because you all encouraged me,’’ a tearful Uchida told the audience upon her victory.

A total of 51 members including interns took part in the selection event.

The 16 members for the single are:

1. Mayumi Uchida
2. Haruka Ishida
3. Haruna Kojima
4. Haruka Nakagawa
5. Ami Maeda
6. Sumire Sato
7. Natsuki Sato
8. Aki Takajo
9. Tomomi Nakatsuka
10. Asuka Kuramochi
11. Kana Kobayashi
12. Miku Tanabe
13. Tomomi Kasai
14. Sakiko Matsui
15. Atsuko Maeda
16. Rina Chikano

p/s – lol~what a weird selection one~

Source – JapanToday

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