On August 8th, PS Company band ViViD held their third one-man show at a SOLD OUT show at SHIBUYA-AX in Tokyo and had important announcements to make.

As the band came out for a second encore, Shin opened with the words: “We have two important announcements to make!” He pause dramatically before revealing the news: ” Number one: ViViD will be, in January 2010, via Sony Epic Records make their major debut!!” The audience cheered already with excitement, yet there was one more thing to say. “Accordingly, on December 27th this year we as ViViD will hold our last indies live at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall!!”

As ViViD have only formed in 2009, there are no further questions on their popularity with the news of that day.

MJP will also release a live report on the performance at SHIBUYA-AX to convey the charm this band is using to captivate their audience. Please look forward to it!

[ViViD Last Indies Live]
Date: 2010/12/27
Place: Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall
*More information coming soon.

Source: MJP

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