Johnny’s Entertainment has announced that NEWS member, Yamashita Tomohisa will be holding his solo live tour which will span across the continent of Asia starting on January 29th to May 10th.

He will make have stops in 5 cities in Japan, and the tour also includes 5 cities outside of Japan in Asia including Hongkong, Taipei, Busan, Seoul, and Bangkok. For the entire tour, there will be 27 total stages. It was also announced that he will also be releasing his first solo album right before the tour.

Although he has performed in Taiwan in 2007 as a member of NEWS, this will be his first time holding a solo tour overseas. Yamashita commented, “It will give me a huge responsibility, but it’s also a great chance. I hope it will make people in other Asian countries get to know more about Japanese idols.” Yamashita also gave comment to fans, “I will participate in NEWS activities as well, so you don’t have to worry!

Source – Tokyohive

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!