Acid black cherryCRISIS” will be Acid Black Cherry’s 14th single over all and the 4th single from his five-month consecutive release project. It’s described to be an intense, heart-wrenching rock tune. The b-side song is a cover or “recreation track” of Watanabe Misato’s 1986 hit song, “BELIEVE”.

The 2nd single in this consecutive release project “Shangri-La” was dropped this past Thursday the 21st and the 3rd “butterfly” is set for November 16th.

More images and details on these releases after the jump,

Acid black cherry pistol 11th single “pistol” (#1)
Release: September 21st
1. pistol
2.Ai wo Kataruyori Kuchizuke wo Kawaso (recreation track)
1. pistol music video
2. Off shot
Acid black cherry shangri-la 12th single “Shangri-La” (#2)
Release: October 19th
1. Shangri-La
2. KANASHIMI GA TOMARANAI (recreation track)
1. Shangri-La music video
2. Off shot
Acid black cherry tba 13th single butterfly (#3)
Release: November 16th
1. butterfly
2. "the man" (recreation track) [DVD]
1. butterfly [music clip]
Acid black cherry tba 14th single: CRISIS (#4)
Release: December 21st
2. BELIEVE (Recreation Track)
1. CRISIS (music clip)
Acid black cherry tba tba

All of these releases come in the Regular edition [CD] only and Limited edition [CD+DVD] and each will come with some added bonuses. Also these release are available in a special one song CD only at TSUTAYA RECORDS at the “Thank you” price of 394 Yen

Source: Acid Black Cherry Official Website