FudanjukuThe current six-member girl cross-dressing unit Fudanjuku x Nakano Fujo Sisters has announced that they’ll be recruiting a seventh member for their group.

Fudanjuku is the “second face” of main unit Nakano Fujo Sisters, and they’re widely known both in Japan and overseas for their unique concept. The group formed in 2006 and in 2008 they also began performing as the alter-ego Fudanjuku, whose concept involves the members dressing up as male students at a fictional cram school. This past July saw their leader Inui Yoko (30) graduate from the group (3rd from right in image below).Nakano Fujo Sisters

The group who’s target audience is women ages 14 to 24, and will be accepting applications through their homepage until October 27th. Fudanjuku’s producer, Jazzy Hanawa (35) is quoted, “Since Nadeshiko Japan [..Japan women’s soccer won the World Cup..], there is a lot of support for strong women.  I would like to give Japan energy through music and hope a talented and passionate person will apply.”

Source & Image: Sanspo