[Updated 10/19] Full music video PV for Fantasy available to view at LAMA’s Official website

LAMA’s 2x A-side single "Fantasy / Cupid" is set to release next week on October 26 and the band is promising two teaser videos to be published tomorrow on 19 October.

Each video will reflect the individuality of each song and will work each from a completely different impression. "Cupid" is a pop-song with colorful pictures with a female heroine, while "Fantasy" has a strange and magical atmosphere for the male heroine.

"Fantasy" will be featured as the ending theme for Fall anime "UN-GO". LAMA’s first single "Spell" was the opening theme for Summer anime "No. 6".

Also very limited information but LAMA’s first album is scheduled for November 30th release – no title or track information yet.

More images and audio tease clip after jump,

Regular edition cover jacket for "Fantasy / Cupid" (splash photo is cover jacket for Limited edition)


Check out 45sec audio clips of each over at Sony Music – [Audio clip Fantasy / Cupid] 

"Cupid" PV will air on the "New Cuts" music clips show and "Fantasy" PV will be published on the LAMA’s official website – both on the 19th.

Check back for updates on the PV clips

Source: natalie, LAMA Official website, cdjapan