Rock band LAMA is getting ready to release their 3rd single “Parallel Sign” which was featured in anime Eureka Seven AO as an insert song. Its been a year since LAMA had a release but they have been busy working on new material and solo projects as well as playing live events around Japan. LAMA’s new single “Parallel Sign” comes on two editions and is scheduled to hit stores November 28th – read on for more details…

~ updated track list and cover jackets ~

LAMA has also announced their 2nd album “Modanica” that comes in two editions and scheduled to be in stores December 12th – more details will be available in a follow-up report.

LAMA formed in April 2011 and their debut single “Spell” (August 2011) was featured as the opening theme for anime No. 6. Their second single “Fantasy / Cupid” had song “Fantasy” featured as ending theme for anime “Un-Go”. LAMA’s first album “NEW!” released November 30th 2011 and since they have been quiet on the new releases but are ready for their “second phase”.

Their song “Parallel Sign” was used as an insert song for episode 11 of the popular anime Eureka Seven AO that aired April – September 2012.


Band member Koji Nakamura (Nakako) has been responsible for the music for the entire TV series Eureka Seven AO and will release a second sound track of music “EUREKA SEVEN AO ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2 Music by Nakamura Koji” on the same day as the band’s new single, November 28th.

LAMA’s new single “Parallel Sign” comes on two editions,

– Limited Pressing anime themed with bonus CD tracks off vocal and acapella versions of the 3 included songs.

– Regular CD-only.

LAMA – “Parallel Sign” – release date November 28th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1400)
Regular [CD] (¥1250)
1. Parallel Sign
2. Seven Swell – based on Niji
3. Know Your Lights (short ver)
4. Parallel Sign (off vocal)
5. Seven Swell – based on Niji (off vocal)
6. Know Your Lights (short ver) (off vocal)
7. Parallel Sign (acapella)
8. Seven Swell – based on Niji (acapella)
9. Know Your Lights (short ver) (acapella)
1. Parallel Sign
2. Seven Swell – based on Niji
3. Know Your Lights (short ver)


LAMA Official website at Sony Music Japan