mayn budokanThe "May’n ☆ Go! Around!!" will be held at the Yokohama Arena south of Tokyo on March 20th 2012 and it will be May’n’s (20) first full arena solo concert. Her fan club members will be able to buy tickets early from September 28 to October 4.

Also recently announced is her next single “Brain Driver” which will also be featured as the opening for upcoming anime “Phi Brain”. The single is set for a November 2nd release.

May’n who might be best known for providing the ending theme and character songs as Sheryl Nome for Macross Frontier (2008) and the opening theme songs for Aria the Scarlet Ammo (2011), Okamisan (2010), and Shangri-La (2009). mayn phonic nation

May’n held two solo concerts at Tokyo’s Nippon Budōkan stadium last year and this year, and she also performed in joint concerts such as "Animelo Summer Live 2010 -evolution-" at various arenas. Her most recent release on September 21st -  "May’n THE MOVIE -Phonic Nation-," that includes her concerts from "Phonic Nation" tour in 2010 Summer, documentary of the tour, and her in Singapore, Malaysia, and LA. Its available in DVD and 3D Blu-ray.


Source & Images: May’n Official website