Based on the Oricon daily numbers for singles the #1 spot will easily go to Kis-My-Ft2 and their second single “We never give up!” with more than 220,000 sold. Oricon has also just crowned them rookie of the year in sales ranking. The Johnny’s Entertainment septet who had their official debut in August recorded a total revenues for the year of ¥1.47 billion.

Second spot on the singles charts will go to UVERworld and their single “Baby Born & Go/Kinjito” with more than 48,000 is sales. Last week’s #1, AKB48’sUe kara Mariko will land in the 3rd spot and Japanese debut by Korean boy group U-KISS, “Tick Tack” (check out the preview video here) after a strong first day sales should have enough for the top 5.


On the album side there were limited new releases for the week though Korean boy band Big Bang released their “The Best of BIGBANG” though their sales don’t appear to be enough to gain the top spot. That should go to fellow country group and the girls of KARA with their album “Super Girl.” KARA’s newest album has been on the charts for 4 weeks and not worst than 3rd on the weekly rankings.

Source: Oricon daily rankings