It’s been a wonderful time for Arashi currently, with their latest DVD tour had been release, new single and exciting movie coming up.

Sakurai Sho will be starring with Aoi Miyazaki in Kamisama no Karute and it will be on 27th of August. Though it’s too early, they already had their official website.

Ichito Kurihara(Sakurai Sho) works at small hospital in Shinsyu area, an internal medicine specialist who is not good at being sad. Here, doctors are always badly off. To remedy not his specialty area is his daily happening, also can’t have sleep for 3 days also his daily happening. He handle daily medical care cooperating with richly-experienced nurse and a friend who has character but a brilliant doctor. One day he has offer from his college, If he would back to college he can get more days off and increase time to spend with his sweet wife (Aoi Miyazaki). But why not to have a doctor who faces to patients who are considered too late by college university or big hospital. It was -unexpected gift by Azumi-san who is old age cancer patient gives someone a supportive push to Ichito who struggles.