rzseiyu_Aki_Toyosaki rzseiyu_Satomi_Sato rzseiyu_Ayana_Taketatsu
rzseiyu_Madoka_Yonezawa rzseiyu_Yoko_Hikasa rzseiyu_Maaya_Uchida

Click each image above for an audio sample of each seiyuu in action on the remote.

Toshiba has released a free android (v2.1+) app as part of their REGZA AppsConnect line that will turn your phone into a TV and DVD/BD Recorder remote and you’ll get 6 of the best anime voice actresses confirming your commands. Voice actresses (seiyuu) featured with the app are among the current best. A bit of a K-ON! reunion as 5 of the 6 are Ali Toyosaki (Yui), Satomi Sato (Ritsu), Ayana Taketatsu (Azuna), Madoka Yonezawa (Ui) and Yoko Hikasa (Mio). The 6th, Maaya Uchida, is a new comer who I’m sure we’ll see more of in the future.

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Based on Toshiba’s FAQ the phone won’t be using Bluetooth or RF but will use your home network to communicate with compatible Toshiba TVs and Recorders.


So your devices will need to be connected as well as the phone either wirelessly (WiFi) or wired but all to the same network. You can configure the app with 5 different displays and select from 300 voice combinations.


Compatibility currently only extends to these listed Toshiba models,

[TV Series]: “REGZA” ZG2/Z2/ZP2, “CELL REGZA” X2/XE2 and w/firmware updates: RB2/A2/AS2
[Recorder]: RD-X10/RD-BZ810/RD-BZ710/RD-BR610/RD-Z300/RD models with "Net Navi

Download the app here from the Android Market logo-marketVia: Toshiba