Acid Black Cherry just announced part 4 and the last of their ABC Dream Cup promotions of giving back to all their fans – a free song download of what they are calling their 0th single titled “Kimi go Iru Kara” [Because You’re Here]. Leader yasu has provided fans with a personal message via the ABC official Youtube channel announcing the song. Hit the jump for the video and links to download the song.

Translation of yasu’s message below the video – he jokes about only allowing for only 40,000 downloads of the concert video which was part 3 of the ABC Dream Cup promotion – nothing so naïve this time and for now no limits or deadlines on downloading “Kimi go Iru Kara” . [the 40k downloads were reached in little more than a day].

Jacket cover for “Kimi go Iru Kara” [click for larger] –


Download for mp3 of “Kimi go Iru Kara”  –
Download for wav of “Kimi go Iru Kara” –
Download pdf w/layout of jacket cover –
ABC Dream Cup website:

Hello there.  I’m Acid Black Cherry (yasu-san).

ABC DreamCup has finally come! The 4th part of the present! Yay!! Everyone, I’m finally going to do the 4th part of the present. "Kimi ga Iru Kara" (translation: "Because you’re here") free download! It’s here!

Last time it was the download of the free live, but this time it’s a song present! This time I recorded together with AKIHIDE. You can also download it together with the jacket.

I think last time the download period ended with 40,000 downloads, but this time I’m not going to say something so naïve. What I’m saying is, isn’t it fine to down[load] it as much as you want?! So, for now there isn’t a deadline. For now.

By all means, by all means, please download this time’s 4th present, "Kimi ga Iru Kara", sufficiently and in no rush.

With this, I guess all 4 presents are completed. The very first were free ringtones. Then next were the free lives. It was done in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Then the present with the video of the said Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka live Then the last is "Kimi ga Iru Kara" titled as the 0th single, which hasn’t been recorded until now; It’s not the very first ‘first’, but sort of like the one before that.

What, what a attractive naming it was, I thought. Therefore everyone, this time, with this very first song I’ve made Although up until now I’ve only played it at lives, I think this was the best form I could’ve presented it.

Having everyone download a lot of the song, and also downloading it together with the jacket; What I’m saying is, isn’t it fine to burn all those? I would like to request everyone for a bit of your time, but I saw all sorts of things on the internet, where everyone made jackets and various other things.

I thought it was quite nice. This time it’s also fine for you to do it in any way you want, so everyone listen a lot to this 0th single "Kimi ga Iru Kara", and let’s sing it together at lives.

Via: Acid Black Cherry official Youtube channel