AMOYAMO has their debut single “LET’S GO OUT” getting ready for release and it has a major tie-in as the new opening theme for popular anime Gintama which started up after a 6 month hiatus. Their debut single is produced by Tomoko “Tommy” Kawase (The Brilliant Green, Tommy heavenly6, Tommy february6). “LET’S GO OUT” comes in three editions and hits stores October 31st – read on for more details.

AMOYAMO is the duo of popular Harajuku models AYAMO and AMO – their charismatic appearances at fashion and music events have propelled them to tempt full idol status. The pair released a indie pre-debut mini-album “A ☆ M ☆ O ☆ Y ★ A ★ M ★ O” – selling it themselves at performance events held at “JOL” Harajuku Takeshita Street (July 21st-August 26th) and Tower Records August 1st.


Their producer is well known to us and one of our favorite Japanese music artists – Tomoko Kawase who is active in the Harajuku fashion scene and well known as the lead vocalist for band The Brilliant Green and she also leads two solo projects as alter-egos Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6. Her three projects have produced several anime tie-in songs: Gundam 00 themes – “Ash Like Snow” and “Unlimited Sky”, Soul Eater – “PAPERMOON”, Bakuman – “monochrome rainbow”, and Gintama’s first opening theme “Pray”.


As Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 she has an upcoming release, mini-album “HALLOWEEN ADDICTION” that is due to hit stores on October 17th. More details and preview music videos are – here.

Popular anime Gintama has 250+ episodes with several periods of hiatus due to the anime catching up with the manga by Hideaki Sorachi. It started up again with new episodes this Fall on October 4th – outside of Japan the anime is simulcast on Crunchyroll – check out our Crunchyroll Updates page for all the latest episodes or hit the link for Gintama.

AMOYAMO’s single “LET’S GO OUT” comes in three editions,

– Limited with bonus DVD that includes music video for title track, special fashion magazine-sized photo book package.

– Limited Pressing with different second coupling track of a cover of Tommy heavenly6’sPray” which was featured as the first Gintama opening theme song. Available until December 31st 2012.

– Regular CD-only.

All three editions have a First Press version that adds a bonus poster.

AMOYAMO – “LET’S GO OUT” – release date October 31st 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Limited Pressing [CD] (¥1200)
2. OMG!!
3. Freeze!
1. LET’S GO OUT (music video)
2. OMG!!
3. Pray
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
2. OMG!!
3. Freeze!


Tommy heavenly6 & Tommy february6 Official website

AMOYAMO Official website