Tomoko Kawase ( 川瀬智子) is getting ready to release new mini-album Tommy’s Halloween Fairy tale in her rock & pop alter-egos Tommy heavenly6 & Tommy february6. The mini-album includes 6 tracks and hits stores October 14th 2015.

Its been over a year since Tomoko Kawase as leader of group The brilliant green released self-cover album THE SWINGIN’ SIXTIES on July 23rd 2014. She celebrated her 15th anniversary in 2013 releasing two solo original albums in her alter-egos – TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER (as Tommy heavely6) on November 27th 2013 and TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♥ SUGAR ♥ ME (as Tommy february6) on June 12th 2013. tommy151002d

Mini-album Tommy’s Halloween Fairy tale comes on one limited edition. Has 7” vinyl size paper jacket cover with images front/back plus includes X-girl collaboration sticker (1 of 2),



Tommy february6 & TOMMY heavenly6Tommy’s Halloween Fairy tale – release date October 21st 2015

Limited [CD] (¥1700)         
1. Tommy’s Halloween Fairy tale (opening)
2. LIVING DEAD DINER GIRLS (Tommy heavenly 6)
3. The Sparkling Candy Man
4. Follow the White Rabbit! (instrumental)
5. LITTLE RED FOREST (Tommy february6)
6. Frozen Raspberry Snow