Aoi Eir updated the release information on her second single “AURORA” that is featured as the opening theme for anime Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Previously we reported early release details for this single and now the cover jackets and full track list are official. Aoi Eir’s second single “AURORA” is offered in two editions and is set to hit stores September 5th. Updated details follow.

Via her blog site Aoi Eir commented: “Its here – 2nd single AURORA is a refreshing and very much up-tempo song. I know you will all enjoy it!!

Aoi Eir’s first single “Memoria” came out last fall and was featured as the ending theme for anime Fate/Zero. Also of note the previous band on showing her full face in publicity or album photos has been lifted and we get a look at the artist!

Anime Mobile Suit Gundam AGE began fall 2011 and is currently airing episode 42 in Japan on MBS/TBS TV. The story is set after hundreds of years of human space colonization and a period of lasting peace. But an unknown enemy (UE) has appeared and attacked many of the colonies. Flit Asuno is given the AGE device by his dying mother that contains plans for a battle mobile suit. Flit develops the suit in hopes to protect his colony of Nora. When the UE attacks Nora, Flit pilots the Gundam and begins the Asuno’s family history of protecting humanity from the invaders.


New single “AURORA” comes in two editions:

– Limited with bonus DVD that includes music video and making-of footage for title track, extra anime themed illustrated cover jacket.
– Regular CD-only with karaoke version of the title track.

Aoi Eir will hold in-store mini-live and handshake events to celebrate the release of “AURORA”,

– September 8th Osaka Tower Records Umeda 1pm, mini-live & handshake
– September 8th Osaka Tennoji Animate 4pm, talk and signing
– September 9th Tokyo Tower Records Shinjuku 1pm, mini-live & handshake
– September 9th Tokyo Animate Akihabara 4pm, talk and signing
– September 15th Nagoya Animate 2pm, talk and signing
– September 16th Sapporo Stellar Place 3pm, mini-live & handshake

Aoi EirAURORA – release date September 5th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1500)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
2. Gleam In Twilight
3. enigmatic karma
4. AURORA (TV-size)
1. AURORA (music video)
2. AURORA (making of off shoot)
2. Gleam In Twilight 
3. enigmatic karma
4. AURORA (off vocal)


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