Instrumental strings unit Crustacea is getting ready to release their 6th album overall and 3rd in the series “Unification3” which are classically arranged covers of Minori Chihara songs. The third album in the series will feature songs “TERMINATED”, “Dream Wonder Formation” and more for 10 total tracks. Minori Chihara will also provide vocals while the first two albums were purely instrumental versions of her songs. Album “Unification3” comes on one Regular CD-only edition and is scheduled to hit stores December 26th – read on for more details and audio preview video.

Crustacea is lead by Koichiro Muroya (violin) who has worked with other artists such as Porno Graffitti and aiko. Muroya is also a member of the live backing bad “CMB” for Minori Chihara’s live performances. Member Kou Mukai (cello) who along with Muroya founded Crustacea in 2005 and has worked with artists Ayumi Hamasaki, X-JAPAN, Yuzu, and more. Third member Abe Atsushi (piano) joined beginning with the first “Unification” album.

Crustacea released “Unification” April 2010 and the follow-up album “Unification2” in February 2011.

Enjoy the audio preview video (6:41) for all tracks on the album below the release information…

Crustacea x Minori Chihara – “Unification3” – release date December 26th 2012

Regular [CD] (¥3000)

2.Dream Wonder Formation
3.Celestial Diva
4.Melty tale storage
5. Junpaku Sanctuary
6. Lush march!!
7. everlasting…
8. Aoi Kotou
9. Say you?
10. Karenahana




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