FTISLAND has revealed the cover jackets and promotional photo for their new Japanese single “Polar Star”. The title song, described as a medium rock song, has a double tie-up as ending theme for Nippon TV shows “Oto Ryuumon” and “Futtonda” beginning in November. “Polar Star” is FTISLAND’s 9th Japanese single, comes in 3 editions, and hits stores November 28th – read on for more release details…

~ promo music video exposed ~

The single’s two coupling tracks are composed by group members – “Fallin’ for you” by member Jae Jin and “Beautiful World” by member Jong Hoon. Coupling track “Beautiful World” is said to achieve a sound that hasn’t before been heard from “FTISLAND”.

Rock band FTISLAND has been busy this year releasing their 7th Japanese single “NEVERLAND” on April 18th, 2nd Japanese album “20 [twenty]” on May 16th, and 8th single “TOP SECRET” on August 8th. The band also completed a major venue summer tour in Japan, “FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012 ~RUN! RUN! RUN!~” – the final stop at Saitama Super Arena was captured for released on DVD and Blu-ray (release details included below).

Not forgetting their Korean fans FTISLAND released their 4th Korean mini-album “FIVE TREASURE BOX” on September 10th.

FTISAND’s new Japanese single “Polar Star” is available in 3 editions,

– Limited A with bonus DVD that includes music video, special footage for the single, and 2 live songs captured during their Summer Tour 2012 stop at Saitama Super Arena. Includes serial code #2.

– Limited B with bonus DVD that includes 8 live songs captured during their “Mezamashi Live 2012” event. Includes serial code #3.

– Regular CD-only. First Press version adds trading card (1 of 7) and serial code #4.

Fans collecting the bonus codes from all 3 editions (#2, #3, #4) can submit for the following special awards,

– Acoustic Live Dec. 19th in Tokyo (venue and time to be announced) to commemorate the release of single “Polar Star” (150 persons selected by lottery).
– Special New Years card (all applicants)

Another special bonus for fans purchasing all three forms of the single (serial codes #2, #3, #4) plus the Blu-ray release of “FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012 ~RUN! RUN! RUN!~ @ Saitama Super Arena” which includes serial code #1 – submit all 4 codes for a special Christmas gift and card from FTISLAND.

(Higher quality cover jacket images will be added when available so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for the updates)

FTISLAND – “Polar Star” – release date November 28th 2012

Limited A [CD+DVD] (¥2000)
Limited B [CD+DVD] (¥2000)
1. Polar Star
2. Fallin’ for you 
3. Beautiful World 
4. Polar Star (off vocal) 
1. Polar Star (music video)
2. special feature
3. NEVERLAND (multi-angle, live Saitama Super Arena)
4. STAY (multi-angle, live Saitama Super Arena)
1. Polar Star
2. Fallin’ for you
3. Beautiful World
4. Polar Star (off vocal)
(MY BEAT Stadium “Mezamashi Live 2012”)
5. Boom Boom Boom
7. Hope (Negau)
8. Flower Rock
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
Summer Tour 2012 ~RUN! RUN! RUN!~  release date October 24th. [BD] (¥5800)
1. Polar Star
2. Fallin’ for you
3. Beautiful World
4. Polar Star (off vocal)
1. 25 live songs from Saitama Super Arena


FTISLAND Official website (Korea)

FTISLAND Official website (Japan)