Rock band GLAY is set to release their 45th single “Bible” which is featured as their theme song for upcoming 2-day stadium concert July 28th-29th at Nagai Stadium, Osaka. This single is the groups first of 2012 and includes coupling track “Thank you for your love” that was previously released as a charity song via digital download. The single is due out next week May 23rd – details on the single follow,

The group has a major stadium concert planned for July 28th & 29th – “GLAY STADIUM LIVE 2012 THE SUITE ROOM in OSAKA NAGAI STADIUM” – more information is available from their special concert website (linked below).

The single is offered in two editions:

– Limited with bonus DVD with music video and off-shoot footage for “Bible”, 4 live songs from Fukushima on April 1st, member interviews, and the jacket photo shoot footage.
– Regular CD-only

First Press versions of both editions add an application card for special event.

GLAY has just released a preview video insert for “Bible” – click to watch:

GLAY – “Bible” – release date May 23rd 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Bible
2. Ano hi no Shounen
3. Thank you for your love
1. Bible (music video)
2. everKrack
3. Haru wo Aisuru Hito
4. Tsuzure Ori ~so far and yet so close~k
5. Ikiteku Tsuyosa
6. Member solo interviews
7. Jacket photo shoot (off shoot)
8. Bible (off shoot)
1. Bible
2. Ano hi no Shounen
3. Thank you for your love

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