ALI PROJECT has announced a greatest hits album “Kaikai Kiki ALI PROJECT Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition”. The release celebrates their 20th anniversary and comes on 2-CDs with 31 of their past songs from 1992-2012 plus new song “Kaikai Kiki” for a total of 32 tracks. The Limited edition includes a bonus Blu-ray with 13 music videos including one for the album’s new song. ALI PROJECT’s greatest hits album comes on two editions and is scheduled to hit stores February 20th 2013 – read on for more release details…

~ updated details ~

ALI PROJECT consists of Takarano Arika (vocals, lyrics) and Katakura Mikiya (composition, arrangement). They debuted in 1992 with single “Koi seyo otome” and have many of their song releases with tie-ups as anime and game themes. Their unique style combines visual-Kei, neo-classical, and Japanese Aristocrat-fashion with songs having a mix of pop-rock and classical arrangements.


Their most recent single “Kyomu Densen” (2012.1) featured as the opening theme for anime Another is included on the album. All of the anime and game tie-ins for the included songs are listed below with the release details.

Their greatest hits album “Kaikai Kiki ALI PROJECT Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition” comes on two editions,

– Limited on CDx2 with bonus Blu-ray that includes 13 music videos (all but the video for “..Troubadour” are songs included on the 2CD), 100-page photo book covering 20 years of jacket covers, posters, costumes, a 20th Anniversary tapestry, and a lottery application.

– Regular on CDx2 (same track list as Limited). Includes 20th Anniversary sticker.

Limited edition includes a lottery application for special awards,

– 5 winners will be invited backstage at live event for meet and photo with ALI PROJECT, venue Shibuya Public Hall March 3rd 2013.
– 50 winners invited to exclusive live talk show with ALI PROJECT (venue in Tokyo).
– 200 winners special award (to be announced).

Cover jackets and final details will be revealed so come back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

ALI PROJECT – “Kaikai Kiki ALI PROJECT Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition” – release date February 20th 2013

Limited [2CD+BD] (¥10500)

Regular [2CD] (¥4200)

[CD]  (order subject to change)
1. Koi seyo otome (1992) (debut single)
2. Ashura-hime (2005) (My-HiME PS2 OP)
3. Yukyo seishunka (2006) (Code Geass ED1)
4. Kotodama (2008) (Shigofumi OP)
5. Katana to Saya (2010) (Katanagatari OP)
6. Hoshidzukiyo (2003)
7. Flower Child
8. Bara goku otome (2006) (Rozen Maiden OP)
9. pastel pure (2003) (Maria Watches Over Us OP)
10. Ame no sonata: La Pluie (1995)
11. Wish (1997) (Wish radio drama OP)
12. Peony Pink (1997) (CLAMP School OP)
13. Anniversary of Angel (1997) (Wish image song)
14. Seishojo ryouiki (2005) (Rozen Maiden OP)
15. Kinjirareta Asobi (2004) (Rozen Maiden OP)
16. Venetian Rhapsody (1994)
17. Arashi ga oko (1994)
18. Datengoku sensen (2009) (The Book of Bantorra OP)
19. Ranse Eroica (2010) (Fate/Extra PSP OP)
20. LABYRINTH (1998) (St. Luminous Mission High School OP)
21. Coppelia no Hitsugi (2001) (Noir OP)
22. Ankoku tengoku (2007) (Kamichama Karin OP)
23. Rara Eve shinseiki (2009) (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space OP)
24. Kitei no tsurugi (2008) (Linebarrels of Iron OP)
25. Senritsu no kodomotachi (2009) (Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom~ OP)
26. Bokoku Kakusei Catharsis (2006) (.hack/Roots ED)
27. Gesshoku Grand Guignol (2003) (avenger OP)
28. Waga routashi aku no hana (2008) (Code Geass R2 ED)
29. Hizamzuite ashi wo oname (2007) (Princess Resurrection ED)
30. Jigoku no mon (2009) (Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom~ ED)
31. Kyoumu densen (2012) (Another OP)
32. Kaikai Kiki (new)

[BD] (music videos)
1. Seishojo ryouiki
2. Bokoku Kakusei Catharsis
3. Yukyo seishunka
4. Hizamzuite ashi wo oname
5. Waga routashi aku no hana
6. Kitei no tsurugi
7. Jigoku no mon
8. Senritsu no kodomotachi
9. Datengoku sensen
10. Katana to saya
11.  ..Troubadour (2011)
12. Kyoumu densen
13. Kaikai Kiki

1. Koi seyo otome
2. Ashura-hime
3. Yukyo seishunka
4. Kotodama
5. Katana to Saya
6. Hoshidzukiyo
7. Flower Child
8. Baragoku otome
9. pastel pure
10. Ame no sonata: La Pluie
11. Wish
12. Peony Pink
13. Anniversary of Angel
14. Seishojo ryouiki
15. Kinjirareta Asobi
16. Venetian Rhapsody
17. Arashi ga oko
18. Datengoku sensen
19. Ranse Eroica
21. Coppelia no Hitsugi
22. Ankoku tengoku
23. Rara Eve shinseiki
24. Kitei no tsurugi
25. Senritsu no kodomotachi
26. Bokoku Kakusei Catharsis
27. Gesshoku Grand Guignol
28. Waga routashi aku no hana 
29. Hizamzuite ashi wo oname
30. Jigoku no mon
31. Kyoumu densen
32. Kaikai Kiki (new)


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