nagi-yanagi-laterality-cardSinger/songwriter Nagi Yanagi has just released her 3rd solo single “Laterality” (ラテラリティ) -  which is featured as the ending theme for the 2nd season of anime Jormungand. Nagi also provided the anime’s first season’s ending theme with her 2nd single “Ambivalentidea”. A promotional music video for “Laterality” has just been exposed via the Geneon/Universal Youtube channel. Her new single “Laterality” comes in one CD-only edition and dropped November 7th – read on for release details and promo video.

Collaborating with Nagi on her new single’s title track “Laterality”, is Junpei Fujita of Elements Garden who is contributing composition and arrangement while Nagi provided the lyrics. Coupling track “Shinjitsu no Hane Sakushi” also has lyrics provided by Nagi and composition/arrangement by bermei.inazawa. The second coupling track “link” is written and composed by Nagi.

Anime Jormungand is based on manga by Takahasi Keitaro and began airing its first 12-episode season April 10th. The story centers around female arms dealer and mercenary Koko Hekmatyar and former child-soldier Jonah who has vowed to kill all arms dealer as they are the reason behind wars that led to the death of his parents. But he learns that the reality is a bit more complicated.

The second season officially titled Jormungand Perfect Order continues the story with 12-episodes planned to complete the adaption of the 11-volume manga. The second season begins airing October 9th on Tokyo MX. The first season of the anime is streamed outside of Japan over at and they are simulcasting the second season with new episodes Thursdays at 11:30am EST (link at bottom).

The opening theme for the second season of the anime is being provided by Maon Kurosaki’s single “UNDER/SHAFT” – details posted here.

Single “Laterality” comes in one CD-only edition with First Press bonus post card.

Enjoy the promotional music video for “Laterality” and anime preview video for Jormungand ~Perfect Order~ after the release details.

Nagi Yanagi – “Laterality” (ラテラリティ)- release date November 7th 2012

Regular [CD] (¥1260)

1. Laterality
2. Shinjitsu no Hane Sakushi
3. link
4. Laterality (off vocal)
5. Shinjitsu no Hane Sakushi (off vocal)
6. link (off vocal)




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