Nagi Yanagi (やなぎなぎ) announced details for new single Meimoku no Kanata (瞑目の彼方) with tie-up as ending theme for the new anime adaption of Berserk. For her 13th single Nagi teams up with top producer Sagisu Shiro (鷺巣詩郎) who also produces the anime’s music. Single Meimoku no Kanata comes on two editions scheduled for release on August 31st 2016.

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Nagi also announced she’s providing the theme song play of color for PS Vita game Norn9: Norn + Nonette Act Tune (ノルン+ノネット アクト チューン). For the anime adaption Norn9: Norn + Nonette she provided opening theme song Kazakiri (カザキリ)(sgl 12th 2016.02.24).

Most recently Nagi Yanagi released album Terminal on April 20th 2016. Her 3rd original album includes three previously released singles plus new songs for 13 total tracks.

Anime Berserk adapts Miura Kentarou’s popular manga which has already had an 3-part anime movie/OVA series. Iwanaga Hiroaki (Guts), Sakurai Takahiro (Griffith), Yukinari Toa (Casca), and others who voiced the lead roles in the movies will continue in the roles for the TV anime series.


The anime airs starting July 1st 2016 on WOWOW in Japan and provider Crunchyroll simulcasts to most regions. Band 9mm Parabellum Bullet provides opening theme Inferno.

Single Meimoku no Kanata (瞑目の彼方) comes on two editions (details subject to change). Most stores offer bonus a5-size clear file (while supplies last) with either edition.

Anime and game preview videos after the release details.

Nagi YanagiMeimoku no Kanata – release date August 31st 2016

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)

Limited B [CD] (¥1200)

1. Meimoku no Kanata
lyrics: Nagi Yanagi, music: Sagisu Shiro

2. undecided
3. Meimoku no Kanata (off vocal)
4. undecided (off vocal)

[DVD] Limited
1. Meimoku no Kanata (music video)



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