NEGOTO has announced their 6th single “Tashikana Uta” – the third release of their 4-month consecutive release project. The new single, described as the rock band’s first ballad, has a tie-up as ending theme for Fuji TV’s talk show Uchikuru!? (Come to my House!?) hosted by Shoko Nakagawa. Single “Tashikana Uta” will come on one Limited edition and is scheduled for release January 23rd 2013. Read on for more release details and pre-order link.

NEGOTO3 Project is a 4-month consecutive release schedule with new singles coming out in November, December, and January – then in February they are set to release their second album. The first single of this project “nameless” hit stores November 7th and “greatwall” dropped today December 5th. The project website with more details and special features is linked at the end of this report.

Their second album has been announced, not yet titled, and will release on February 6th (new report will be posted).

Band NEGOTO formed in 2006 while the members were in their first year of High School. Now is the start of serious NONSENSE (negoto) as they make their college graduations next year. To follow-up after their second album release the band will embark on a nation-wide tour in Japan with 23 performances currently planned. The tour begins February 15th at LOOK, Chiba and ends May 18th at Sakura Zaka, Okinawa. More details are available at their official website (link at bottom).

NEGOTO’s next live events are a 3-city Hall tour ~ SEED with groove ~ with receptions,

– Dec 6th 6:30pm Art Peer Hall Nagoya
– Dec 7th 6:30pm Sankei Breeze Hall Osaka
– Dec 16th 5:15pm Tokyo Dome City Hall

Their 6th single “Tashihana Uta” comes on one Limited edition with bonus DVD that includes music video for title track and member message (1 of 4).

NEGOTO – “Tashikana Uta” – release date January 23rd 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1260) 
1. Tashikana Uta
2. B.B.B.
1. Tashikana Uta (music video)


Fuji TV Uchikuru!?

NEGOTO3 Project Special Site

NEGOTO Official website