Hey! Say! JUMP hits 2012 with their first single release “SUPER DELICATE” and will top the singles charts with a strong over 240,000 sold.

On the album charts the boys also take the top stop with KAT-TUN and their album “Chain” selling over 103,000 copies.

Read on for the rest of the projected top singles and albums,

Singles chart preview for February 20th – 26th 2012


Also making a strong showing and taking the second spot is new idol group Nogizaka46 with their debut single “Guru Guru Curtain” selling over 133,000. The third spot will go to last weeks #1 AKB48 and their 6th million copy selling “Give Me Five!” with another 60,000+ sold.

Album chart preview February 20th – 26th 2012


On the album side after the top spot with KAT-TUN it looks to be seiyuu/singing Yui Horie and her album “Himitsu”  [release details] in the second spot with over 17,000 sold but not far back will be AI and her album “INDEPENDENT” selling over 14,000 [release details].

Check back on the 29th to Comtrya Sugoi for the official Oricon top 10 singles and albums.

Source: Oricon daily rankings