AI is ready to drop her new album “INDEPENDENT” on February 22nd and has just exposed on her Youtube channel the 3 minute version of the music video for the lead track “INDEPENDENT WOMAN”. Definitely a great dance tune and promoted as a new anthem for the independent woman. Video follows,


You can check out the release details for AI’sINDEPENDENT” in the previous post here on Comtrya Sugoi.

Music video cast: Asano Junko/Takagi Yuriko (photographer),  Utsuki Eri (fashion designer)/ Yabe Chōshō (calligrapher), Nagahashi Ayumi (Ballet Dancer), Odamaki Yōko (Kick Boxer), Ryū Kaede (Drag Queen), MJC ensemble (Choir), SHOW-GUN (Dancer), Barbara Uemura (Lecturer, Illustrator)

AI – “INDEPENDENT” album release February 22nd

Source: AI Youtube channel