Topping the weekly singles charts is the 32nd single from Kinki Kids, “Kawatta Katachi no Ishi” with over 123,000 sold. Its also the 32nd consecutive #1 on the weekly charts from this prolific and successful duo of Domoto Koichi and Domoto Tsyuoshi. Congradulations!

Second spot goes to one of our favorites Nana Mizuki and her single “Synchrogazer” with more than 51,000 sold. The single is featured as the opening theme for anime “Symphogear”. Third spot on the charts sees 2AM and their Japanese debut single “Never let you go – Shindemo Hanasanai”.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow,


Singles for January 9th – 15th

Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kinki Kids Kawatta Katachi no Ishi Jan 11th 123,475
2 Nana Mizuki Synchrogazer Jan 11th 51,017
3 2AM Never let you go – Shindemo Hanasanai Jan 11th 25,836
4 ViViD message Jan 11th 19,014
5 NYC / Yuma Nakayama Wonderful Cupid/NYC Glass no Maho Jan 4th (Dec 28th) 15,265
6 D☆Date Love Heaven Jan 11th 13,339
7 Kyary Pamyu Pamy Tsukema Tsukeru Jan 11th 13,100
8 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Just Awake Jan 11th 12,198
9 Tamio Okuda Kobushi wo Tsukiagero Jan 11th 11,123
10 SOPHIA rainbow rain Jan 11th 8,341

The album charts are topped for the 3rd week in a row by EXILE with member ATSUSHI’s solo debut “EXILE JAPAN/Solo”, it remained strongly in the top spot with over 82,000 sold. One new release got into the top 3, at #2 is Kuraki Mai and her debut album “OVER THE RAINBOW”. Rounding out the top 3 is KARA’s album “Super Girl” has charted now for 7 weeks, all but one of those in the top 3.


Albums for January 9th – 15th

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 EXILE EXILE JAPAN/Solo Jan 1st (2012) 82,634
2 Kuraki Mai OVER THE RAINBOW Jan 11th 29,618
3 KARA Super Girl Nov 23rd 24,311
5 Girls Generation Shoujo Jidai Jun 1st 16,483
6 FACT burundanga Jan 11th 14,069
7 Golden Bomber Golden Bomber Jan 4th 11,625
8 Kubota Toshinobu THE BADDEST ~Hit Parade~ Nov 23rd 8,816

Yuki Saori & Pink Martini

1969 Oct 12th 7,612
10 Lady Born This Way May 23 5,976

Source: Oricon