SDN48 has announced the title for their first and final album – “NEXT ENCORE” – and cover jackets. The album will release March 14th which is one week after their final single “Makeoshimi Congratulations” drops on March 7th.  SDN48 will hold their final concert and graduation on March 31st at NHK Hall in Tokyo. Release details follow,

NEXT ENCORE” will come in 1 Limited edition with bonus DVD titled “SDN48 no Kiseki” – footage of SND48 form auditions, theaters performances, interviews with each member. The DVD will include “My Best SDN48 Song” as each member talks about their most memorable song. The track list is the singles and coupling songs released by SDN48 from “GAGAGA” in November 2010 through “Kudokinagara Azabujuban duet with Mino Monta” released December 2011 for 16 tracks plus a 17th original song that isn’t yet announced.

All the SDN48 Members,


SDN48 – “NEXT ENCORE” – release date March 14th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥3200)
2. Kodoku na Runner
3. Erosu no Trigger (Under Girls A)
4. Sado he Wataru (Under Girls B)
5. Ai, Chuseyo
6. Tengo no Door wa 3 kaime no Bell de Aku (Under Girls A)
7. Awajishima no Tamanegi (Under Girls B)
8. Ai yo Ugokanaide (Rachel)
10. Onedari Champagne (Under Girls A)
10. Abazure (Under Girls B)
12. Everyday, Katyusha (SDN48 ver)
13. Kodoki Nagara Azabujudan with Mino Monta
14. Yaritagariya San (Under Girls Team G)
15. Kamujatan Bojou (Under Girls A)
16. Cachaca de Jihaku Suru (Under Girls B)
17. New Song tba
1. SDN48 no Kiseki – footage of SND48 form auditions to theaters performances. Interviews with each member.
2. My Best SDN48 Song

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