Stereopony just announced they are going to breakup and purse their music careers separately. It’s a bit sudden following the recent new single announcement “Just rock with me” by their EVANPONY unit collaboration with Evan Taubenfeld. During August the band took a step back from their music together while AIMI (vocals, guitar) was recovering from vocal-cord polyp surgery. SHIHO (drums) and NOHANA (bass) spent the time abroad for some short-term music study. When the girls got back together they discussed their future plans which ultimately lead to the decision to dissolve the band. They haven’t yet set a specific date the band will cease activities. Read on for some more details…

~ BEST ALBUM announced – details ~

It’s a sad day to learn of this excellent band breaking up. STEREOPONY provided many excellent songs and songs with tie-ins to anime among with their 11 singles and 3 albums. They made their major label debut in 2008 with single “Hitohira no Hanabira” and their songs with tie-ins to anime such as BLEACH, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Darker than Black (season 2), and Tegami Bachi Reverse. Their most recent single “stand by me” released May 30th was featured as ending theme for anime EUREKA SEVEN AO.

They will still hold what may be their last live event at CLUB QUATTORO Shibuya on October 6th 5pm, “Aki no Yonaga wa LIVE de Norikire vol. 2”. During the event the girls will discuss more about why they have decided to separate. If the event was previously sold-out its sure to be now.

EVANPONY “Just rock with me” release details

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