STEREOPONY (ステレオポニー) has announced they will release a live DVD of their farewell concert “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~”. The concert was just held December 27th at Akasaka BLITZ Tokyo and is the popular band’s final concert after announcing their break-up back on October 1st. STEREOPONY’s live DVD of their last concert is scheduled to hit stores on February 27th 2013 – more release details and pre-order link follows…

~ updated details ~

STEREOPONY made their final album release “BEST of STEREOPONY” – a compilation album of STEREOPONY’s hit songs. Regular edition of album “BEST of STEREOPONY” used a similar cover jacket as their first single “Hitohira no Hanabira” (2008) (compare above). The album hit stores November 21st – more release details.

Before announcing their separation STEREOPONY announced a new single “Just rock with me” by a new unit called EVANPONY. The girls joined forces with Evan Taubenfeld, an American musician best known as Avril Lavigne’s guitarist/producer to form new unit EVANPONY. The unit’s debut single “Just rock with me” with lyrics by NOHANA (bass) includes a new song “Namida Nante mi Shite Yannai” by STEREOPONY. The single hit stores on October 24th – more details here.

STEREOPONY made their major label debut in 2008 and they have provided several songs with tie-ins to anime such as BLEACH, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Darker than Black (season 2), and Tegami Bachi Reverse.STEREOPONY’s most recent single, their 11th, “stand by me” released May 30th and was featured as the ending theme for anime EUREKA SEVEN AO.

STEREOPONY also held a final Christmas live event “STEREOPONY LOVERS X’mas Live Final” on December 24th at WWW Shibuya.

Their live DVD “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” captures their final concert held December 27th at Akasaka BLITZ Tokyo. The complete track list, cover jacket, and possible bonuses will be announced so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

STEREOPONYFinal Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” – release date February 27th 2013

Regular [DVD] (¥5500)

1. complete track list undecided


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