STEREOPONY (ステレオポニー) is getting ready to drop their final live DVD “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” that that captures farewell concert held December 27th 2012 at Akasaka BLITZ Tokyo. The full set list, bonus footage including new music video for their debut single, and cover jacket is revealed. “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” hits stores on February 27th 2013 – more release details and pre-order link follows.

STEREOPONY’s live DVD is currently the popular band’s final release after announcing their break-up back on October 1st 2012. They made their final album release – “BEST of STEREOPONY” – a compilation album the band’s greatest hits on November 21st – more release details.

Before announcing their separation STEREOPONY announced a new single “Just rock with me” by a new unit called EVANPONY. The girls joined forces with Evan Taubenfeld, an American musician best known as Avril Lavigne’s guitarist/producer to form new unit EVANPONY. The unit’s debut single “Just rock with me” with lyrics by NOHANA (bass) includes a new song “Namida Nante mi Shite Yannai” by STEREOPONY. The single hit stores on October 24th – more details here.

Their live DVD “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” captures the 26 song set at their last concert held December 27th at Akasaka BLITZ Tokyo. The DVD also includes documentary footage, member interviews, and nostalgic footage of the girls before their debut as STEREOPONY, plus a new music video for “Sayonara no kisetsu” their debut single.

STEREOPONY – “Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~” – release date February 27th 2013

Regular [DVD] (¥5500)

2. Seishun ni, sono namida wa hitsuyōda!
3. I am a Hero
5. Supergirl
6. my story ~Tabi no hajimari~
7. fuzz
8. Oshare Banchou feat.NAOTO from ORANGE RANGE
9. Blowin’ in the wind
10. my story ~Aratanaru suteji~
11. Arigatou
12. Okami
13. stand by me
14. effective line
15. I do it
16. Namida no mukou
17. Tsukiakari no michishirube
18. Chisana mahou
19. Bibara-Bibara
20. Hoshikuzu kantera
21. Hanbunko
22. Otome Kokoro Hey Hey Hey
23. Aozora Very good days!!
24. Summer Love 
25. Stereopony no tabi wa tsudzuku
26. Hitohira no hanabira 
27. bonus footage
28. Sayonara no kisetsu (music video)



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