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SUPER JUNIOR is releasing a new Japanese single “Sexy, Free & Single” that will also include the Japanese version of song “Our Love”. The title track is part of the 6th Korean album, titled “Sexy, Free & Single”, that SUPER JUNIOR is releasing on July 1st. The Japanese single version will come in two editions and is due out August 22nd. More early release information and the Korean promotional videos for album “Sexy, Free & Single” follows.

Sexy, Free & Single” is SUPER JUNIOR’s 4th Japanese single release. The group released their 3rd Japanese single “Opera” on May 9th – release details and preview video were previously reported here.

The Japanese single version of “Sexy, Free & Single” is offered in two editions:

– Limited with bonus DVD that includes music videos for the Japanese and Korean versions of the title track, making-of footage, and live clip of “Way – SUPER SHOW4 in TOKYO ver.” (May 2012).
– Limited CD-only in special oversized packaging and extra panel photo (1 of 10) and bonus CD track of Korean version of “Sexy, Free & Single”.

SUPER JUNIOR is releasing their 6th Korean album July 1st with the same main song and title “Sexy, Free & Single”. A pair of promotional videos follow below the release details for the Japanese single version.

Release details are still early, cover jackets and additional bonuses still to be announced, so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

SUPER JUNIOR – “Sexy, Free & Single” – release date August 22nd 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)

Limited [CD] (¥1575)

1. Sexy, Free & Single
2. Our Love
1. Sexy, Free & Single (music video)
2. Sexy, Free & Single (Korean ver, music video)
3. Sexy, Free & Single (off shoot)
4. Way (live clip SUPER SHOW4, Tokyo May 2012)
1. Sexy, Free & Single
2. Our Love
3. Sexy, Free & Single (Korean ver.)
SUPER JUNIOR – Sexy, Free & Single – 6th Korean Album July 1st 2012
SUPER JUNIOR – Sexy, Free & Single – 6th Korean Album July 1st 2012

SUPER JUNIOR Official website (Korean)

SUPER JUNIOR Official website (Japanese)