New tribute compilation album “SHE LOVES YOU” lead and arranged by YUI, features many popular female artists and groups covering selected YUI songs. The album features YUI covering her own “CHE.R.RY” bossa nova style, SCANDAL covering “How crazy”, Shoko Nakagawa covering “Rolling star”, Eir Aoi covering “GLORIA”, Stereopony covering “again”, and more. The album releases October 24th – read on for more details.

YUI released her first single of 2012 “fight” on September 5th. The single was written specifically to be used as a song in the NHK 79th “NCon 2012” Junior High School Chorus contest. More details on YUI’s 22nd single are here.

For the new album “SHE LOVES YOU” the participating artists have left comments regarding how they feel about covering one of YUI’s hit songs,

Shoko Nakagawa: “I love it since I was always selecting YUI’s “again” to sing at karaoke. I’m very honored to be offered at this time the chance to participate on this album! “Rolling star” was difficult for me to determine how to cover – every word rocks! After recording I went to karaoke and selected “Rolling star to sing again!

SCANDAL: “We have a lot of favorite YUI songs so we were very curious what song we would be asked to sing. All of us were very excited to hear we would deliver “How crazy”!

miwa: “This song [“Good-bye days”] brings back memories of buying a CD with my own pocket money while in junior high school. I wanted to try this song with only my own accompaniment on acoustic guitar – it was a challenge.

Eir Aoi: “I remember ’GLORIA’ as a song that has feelings and provided me encouragement when I was studying for exams in school. I’m really happy to be able to cover such a song with deep feelings.

YUI & FriendsSHE LOVES YOU – release date October 24th 2012

Regular [CD] (¥3060)
1. Good-bye days (miwa)
2. Tomorrow’s way (Negoto)
3. How crazy (Scandal)
4. Rolling star (Shoko Nakagawa)
5. My Generation (Kylee)
6. again (Stereopony)
7. Namidairo (Ide Ayaka)
8. GLORIA (Eir Aoi)
9. feel my soul (joy)
10. LIFE (Goose house)
11. I remember you (Sawai Misora)
12. HELLOW (Dancing Dolls)
13. CH.E.RY (YUI instrumental live)
14. undetermined


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