Ikimonogakari is getting ready to release their 26th single “Egao” – jacket covers, full track list, and bonus details are official. The new single has tie-in as the theme song for new anime movie “Pokemon Best Wish – Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens”. Also member Yoshioka Kiyoe (Vo) will make her voice acting debut in the movie voicing the roll of Eevee (イーブイ). Single “Egao” comes on two editions which hit stores July 10th 2013 – updated details follow.

Ikimonogakari most recently released their 25th single “1 2 3 ~ Koi ga Hajimaru ~” on June 5th 2013 (more details). And they are getting ready to release their 6th original “I” on July 24th 2013 (more details) making for three major releases in less than two months.

The group has also announced a late summer and fall tour to support the new releases that hits 13 venues with 25 performances planned. The “Ikimonogakari Live Tour 2013” tour starts September 1st 2013 at Sun Dome Fukui and ends December 8th 2013 at Sun Arena Mie Prefecture. More details at special website (link below).

The new Pokemon movie “Pokemon Best Wish – Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens“ hits theaters in Japan July 13th 2013 – more details at official website (link below) and watch the newest trailer below.

Single “Egao” comes on two editions,

– Limited Pressing anime themed CD-only with illustrated ‘Pokemon’ jacket. CD doesn’t include coupling track. First Press version includes bonus Pokemon Torretta,ikimonogatari-egao-bonus-torretta

– Regular CD-only with coupling track. First Press adds trading card ‘Ikimono 035’

Watch the trailer video for the new Pokemon movie with a hint of the theme song “Egao” (0:53) below the release details..

IkimonogakariEgao” – release date July 10th 2013

Limited Pressing [CD] (¥650)
Regular [CD] (¥1225)
1. Egao
2. Egao (off vocal)
1. Egao
2. Hontou no Hibi
3. Egao (off vocal)
4. Hontou no Hibi (off vocal)



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Ikimonogakari “Egao” torretta bonus 

Ikimonogakari Live Tour 2013

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