KARA THE ANIMATION made its debut on NOTTV with all of the episodes available for premium viewers. All 5 episodes that each feature member of KARA – aired on March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the NOTTV streaming service for ¥500 for all episodes. More details on the episodes with screen shots and video preview captured at the KARA Tokyo Dome concert all follow.

Previously it was announced that KARA would get animated in KARA the ANIMATION as a 5-episode series with each episode featuring on member.

The 5 episode series debuted on streaming service NOTTV,

March 1st 7:00pm – 9:20pm
March 2nd 10:00am – 12:20pm
March 3rd 9:20pm – midnight

Synopsis and screen captures provided for each of the 5 episodes (click screen-shot to enlarge):

Adios For Mala Amigo: LETHAL FRONTIER [starring Gyuri]

Gyuri working in explosive ordnance disposal team of special police in Mexico. One day a bomb planted in the police station by a gang. The gang is upset that their plan was prevented Gyuri and gang boss Ekushito, vows a declaration of war against Gyuri. To counter the attack, Gyuri confronts the gang in a secretly developed armored Police unit.
6 Hours to Time Out: ALIEN SPACE [starring Seung Yeon]

Seung Yeon works as the head of the "ARRI", Asia Union’s space station. Seung Yeon is traveling back to earth, 6 hours to touch down, when an SOS is picked up from Russian spacecraft. Reluctantly, its allowed to dock and Seung Yeon starts to search in the spacecraft and finds a monster and eerie human cocoon….
Romance Over Hell-Sailing: UNDER SPEED – [starring Nicole]

Nicole is the captain of the luxury liner Kamiria. One day during the voyage to the Mediterranean the Kamiria is hijacked by terrorists with missiles and bombs planted on the cruise ship. Terrorists request the release of fellow terrorist and $1 billion in exchange for the lives of passengers and crew. Together with a childhood friend – Nicole has the courage to go against the terrorists.
Happily ‘Never’ After: DIE GUARD [starring Hara]

Hara has martial arts skills as good as any man. Occupation bodyguard. She is requested by the country’s royal family to guard of the second prince of the Kingdom and accompany to the Royal Bank. Suddenly a bank robbery is encountered and the robbers request the royal treasure in exchange for the hostages including the prince. Hara, boldly confronts the bank robbers alone bold and becomes a hostage with the prince. However, its an orchestrated trap by Hara so she can protect the prince.
Cool Dancing With Flame: TOWER DRAFT [starring Jiyoung]

Jiyoung works in the Miami fire department rescue team with a bright and positive personality. One day, a fire in a high-rise building, traps many of people on the high floors. Jiyoung comes up with a bold plan to extinguish the fire by exploding the water tank on the building’s roof. The plan saves the lives of many people and Jiyoung suddenly becomes a star as TV captured the high-rise drama. However, the city’s underworld of arsonists have now declared war on Jiyoung.

No additional details yet on when the anime episodes will air on Japanese TV or via other streaming services. The preview shown during the KARA concert at Tokyo Dome on January 6th 2013 follows…




KARA Official website (Japan)