Kis-My-Ft2 updated the release details for their 6th single “My Resistance – Tashikana mono / Unmei Girl” – cover jackets and full track list are revealed. Both title songs on the double a-side single have tie-ups – “My Resistance – Tashikana mono” featured as theme song for TV series “Nobunaga no Chef” that stars member Tamamori Yuta and song “Unmei Girl” is the commercial message theme song for Seven & I ‘Valentine Fair’ campaign. The single comes on four editions and hits stores February 13th 2013 – read on for updated release details.

The TV Asahi drama Nobunaga no Chef stars member Tamamori Yuta in the lead roll of Ken. The drama is adapted from manga by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takuro that follows the story of a modern-day French chef (Ken) who is transported back in time to Japan’s Warring States era.

Understandably Ken struggles with what has happened but he catches the attention of General Nogunaga Oda and becomes Nogunaga’s person chef. Its Tamamori Yuta’s first leading roll in a TV drama and it will air Friday’s starting in January 11th 2013. More details at the official website (link below).

Kis-My-Ft2 most recently released their 5th single “Ai no Beat” on November 14th 2012 and continued the streak of #1 singles for all their released singles. They’ll surely hope to continue and get another #1 charting single for their first single of 2013.

Single “My Resistance -Tashikana mono / Unmei Girl” comes on four editions,

– Limited A “My Resistance -Tashikana mono” themed with bonus DVD that includes the music video and making-of footage for “My Resistance – Tashikana mono”.

– Limited B “Unmei Girl” themed with bonus DVD that includes the music video and making-of footage for “Unmei Girl”.

– Regular CD-only with bonus track. First Press version adds mini-photo book (1 of 3).avex_hashi_gazou

– Kis-My-Shop exclusive edition CD-only with bonuses – chopsticks (right) and set of 7 jacket-size cards.


Kis-My-Ft2My Resistance – Tashikana mono / Unmei Girl” – release date February 13th 2013

Limited A [CD+DVD] (¥1680)
Limited B [CD+DVD] (¥1680)
1. My Resistance -Tashikana mono
2. Unmei Girl
1. My Resistance -Tashikana mono (music video)
2. My Resistance -Tashikana mono (off shoot)
1. Unmei Girl
2. My Resistance -Tashikana mono
1. Unmei Girl (music video)
2. Unmei Girl (off shoot)
Regular [CD] (¥1050)
Kis-My-Shop [CD+Goods] (¥1260)
1. My Resistance -Tashikana mono
2. Unmei Girl
3. Forever with U
1. My Resistance -Tashikana mono
2. Unmei Girl
1. Kis-My-Ft2 chopsticks
2. Jacket-size cards (set of 7)


Nobunaga no Chef Official website

Kis-My-Ft2 official website