Minami Kuribayashi has updated the details for her 7th original album “TIGHT KNOT” – jacket cover, full track list, and a PV video for new song “TIGHT KNOT” all revealed. The album marks her 10th anniversary celebration (though not a greatest hits album as previously reported). Album “TIGHT KNOT” includes 5 singles, previously limited release songs, and new songs all on one CD-only edition. Minami Kuribayashi’s new album hits stores May 29th 2013 – updated details and PV video follow.

Singer/Song writer Minami Kuribayashi has just released her 31st single “ZERO!!” (not part of the new album) with title track featured as the opening theme for anime TV series The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Mao-Sama!). Single “ZERO!!” hit stores April 24th 2013 (more details).

Minami Kuribayashi has composed and performed songs tied to over 30 game and anime titles. She signed and debuted in 2002 on the Lantis record label with theme song “Muv-Luv” tied to game Muv-Luv. She followed that up with three singles/theme songs for game/anime Kimi ga Nozomu Eien in which she also voiced main character Haruka Suzumiya.

Also announced is the Minami Kuribayashi 2013 Live Tour “TIGHT KNOT” now with 6 performances planned,

– June 2nd 2013 4:30pm Umeda AKASO, Osaka
– June 8th 2013 4:30pm Club JUNK BOX, Sendai
– June 15th 2013 4:30pm DrUM Be-1, Fukuoka
– June16th 2013 5:00pm Bottom Line, Nagoya
– July 6th 2013 5:00pm Zepp Tokyo
– July 15th 2013 4:30pm Bunka Kaikan Civil Hall, Shizuoka (added)

Her 7th original album “TIGHT KNOT” comes on a Regular CD-only edition. First Press version as bonus photo (varies by store).


Watch the PV video for new song “TIGHT KNOT” (lyrics by Minami Kuribayashi) below the release details

Minami Kuribayashi – “TIGHT KNOT” – release date May 29th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥3000)
1. move on
3. HAPPY CRAZY BOX (OP Medaka Box)
4. LOVE STEP (OP PS3 game Muv-Luv Avant)
5. Choose my love! (OP Kampfer fur die Liebe)
6. First Addiction
7. Toki sudeni hajimari o kizamu (ED ep12 Katanagatari)
8. Tōi natsu no hi
9. BELIEVE (OP Medaka Box Abnormal)
10.STRAIGHT JET (OP Infinite Stratos)
11. Kimi no naka no eiyu (ED Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)
12. Doubt the World (OP Total Eclipse)
13. Hohoemi no kanata



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