Nagi Yanagi (やなぎなぎ) is getting ready to drop her new single “Yukitoki” (ユキトキ) and has updated the cover jacket, track list, and bonuses. The single has tie-in as the opening theme for upcoming anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected). For her 5th single Nagi is providing the lyrics for all three of the tracks. Single “Yukitoki” will hit stores April 17th 2013 – read on for updated details.

Nagi Yanagi most recently released single “Zoetrope” with tie-in as the opening theme song for current TV anime AMNESIA. Nagi provided the lyrics and collaborated with Saito Shinya on the new single’s title track. “Zoetrope” hit stores January 30th 2013.

Anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected) shortened as Oregairu is adapted from romantic comedy light novels by Wataru Watari. The story follows anti-social high school student Hikigaya Hachiman who has no friends and a distorted view of life. In an effort to help Hikigaya’s future a teacher gets him to join a school club that provides volunteer service. The prettiest girl in the school Yukino Yukinoshita also happens to be a member of the club. Hikigaya, through his club experiences and many mistakes, begins to reshape himself and those around him.

My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected begins airing in Japan April 4th 2013 on TBS TV. Unknown yet if the anime will get licensed for simulcast outside of Japan.

New single “Yukitoki” comes on one Regular CD-only edition with 6 tracks. Features anime themed back cover. First Press bonus (varies by store) adds either a double-sided poster, post card, or photo – sample below,



Nagi Yanagi – “Yukitoki” (ユキトキ) – release date April 17th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥1260)
1. Yukitoki
2. Oto no nai yume B
3. Surrealisme
4. Yukitoki (off vocal)
5. Oto no nai yume  (off vocal)
6. Surrealisme (off vocal)


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