nano.RIPE is getting ready to release their new single Nanairo Biyori (なないろびより) and revealed a preview music video for the title track. Their 12th single has tie-in as the opening theme for fall anime TV series Non Non Biyori. Single “Nanairo Biyori” comes on two editions that hit stores October 30th 2013 – release details and preview music video for “Nanairo Biyori” follow.

Band nano.RIPE most recently released their 11th single “Sankaku ep” on May 22nd 2013 (more details). The single includes track “Tsukihana” featured as the ending theme for anime TV series The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Mao-Sama!) and track “Star Chart” used as an insert and special ending song for the anime.

The band had been without an official drummer since original member shinn left the group back on November 12th 2011 (details). This past April 2013 Aoyama Yuki officially joined the band to handle the drums.

nano.RIPE is getting ready for a fall tour “LIVE TOUR 2013 ‘spot writer’” scheduled for 12 performances (more details at their official website),

– Nov 2nd 2013 5:30pm O-Crest Shibuya
– Nov 9th 2013 5:30pm Spiritual Lounge Sapporo
– Nov 24th 4:30pm Electric LadyLand Nagoya
– Nov 30th 5:30pm EARTH Joetsu
– Dec 1st 4:30pm Golden Pigs Black Stage Niigata
– Dec 7th 5:30pm Macana Miyagi
– Dec 14th 5:30pm AZ Kanazawa
– Dec 15th 4:30pm AZ Kanazawa
– Dec 20th 6:30pm MUSE Osaka
– Dec 21st 5:30pm Crazy Mama Okayama
– Dec 23rd 4:30pm Drum Son Fukuoka

Anime Non Non Biyori is adapted from manga by Atto and follows the story of 5th-grade school student Ichijou Hotaru who moved with her parents from Tokyo to a small town in the middle of the country. She must adjust to the slower pace of life and to her new school, where there are only 5 students, who range from 1st grade to middle school age.

Anime Non Non Biyori airs beginning October 7th 2013 on TV Tokyo in Japan. No official announcement but will likely be available on Crunchyroll for same day simulcast. Check our Crunchyroll updates page for all the latest anime episodes or hit the link for Non Non Biyori for episodes and related stories.

The anime’s ending theme song of same name “Non Non Biyori” (written and composed by ZAQ) is performed by the lead vocal cast Sakura Ayane, Asumi Kana, Koiwai Kotori, and Murakawa Rie.

nano.RIPE’s 12th single “Nanairo Biyori” comes on two editions that share the same CD track list,

– Limited with DVD that includes live footage from their event May 26th 2013 at Shibuya WWW and music video for title track.

– Regular CD-only.

Watch the preview length music video for Nanairo Biyori and trailer for anime Non Non Biyori below the release details.

nano.RIPENanairo Biyori (なないろびより) – release date October 30th 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥2200)

Regular [CD] (¥1300)

1. Nanairo Biyori
2. Kisetsu no Machi
3. Memai

1. Nanairo biyori (music video)
1. Live performance 2013.05.26 Shibuya WWW

1. Nanairo Biyori
2. Kisetsu no Machi
3. Memai




nano.RIPE official website

Non Non Biyori official website