On top of the singles chart is Morning Musume with their 54th single “Wagamama Kinomama Ai no joke / Ai no Gundan” selling over 144,000 copies. The long time idol group as undergone many line-up changes with only group leader Sayumi Michishige (10yrs) having more than 2-years with the group. Morning Musume is benefiting from an overall resurgence in idol group popularity and their 54th single is the best opening week seller since 2002.

Dropping down to the #2 spot is last week’s #1 by the idol group AKB48 and their 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” now with close to 1,400,000 it total sales. In the #3 spot is Korean group B1A4 with their 3rd Japanese single “Ige Musun Iriya – Nande? Doshite?”.   

Out of the top 10 in the #16 spot is singer/voice actress Aki Toyosaki with her 9th solo single “CHEEKY”.

The album charts are topped by the music collection from TV series Amachan – “Amachan Uta no Album” selling over 74,000 copies. In the #2 spot is Korean band CNBLUE with their second Japanese album “What turns you on?” and another popular Korean group is in the #3 spot – KARA with their fourth Japanese album “FANTASTIC GIRLS”.

The complete top 10 singles and album charts follow.

Singles for August 26th – September 1st


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Morning Musume Wagamama Kinomama Ai no joke / Ai no Gundan August 28th 144,061
2 AKB48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie August 21st 57,309
3 B1A4 Ige Musun Iriya – Nande? Doshite?  August 28th 47,646
4 Kiyoshi Hikawa Manten no Hitomi August 28th 45,197
5 SHINee BOYS MEET U (single) August 21st 19,786
6 EXILE EXILE PRIDE ~ Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame ~ August 28th 17,594
7 LUNA SEA Thoughts August 28th 16,682
8 Southern All Stars Peace to Highlight August 7th 14,228
9 Shirabe Tsukiyomi ~ CV:Yoshino Nanjyou Symphogear G Character Song 5 August 28th 11,193
10 The Gospellers Robinson / Taiyo no 5 August 21st 9,771


Albums for August 26th – September 1st


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Various Artists Amachan Uta no Album August 28th 74,044
2 CNBLUE What turns you on? August 28th 43,492
3 KARA FANTASTIC GIRLS August 28th 40,680
4 Kyosuke Himuro 25th Anniversary Gest Album GREATEST ANTHOLOGY August 21st 17,723
5 Sukima Switch POPMAN’s WORLD All Time Best 2003-2013 August 21st 15,588
6 Yamashita Tatsuro Melodies (30th Anniversary Ed.) August 28th 11,965
7 Abe Mao Anata wo Suki na Watashi August 28th 11,736
8 2CELLOS 2CELLOS- IN2ITION Collectors Ed. August 21st 9,533
9 MAXIMUM THE HORMONE Yoshu Fukushu July 31st 9,421
10 Various Artists Haruko no Hena Amachan 80’s Hits August 28th 9,199


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Source: Oricon