SUPER JUNIOR has announced their first Japanese album “Hero” that includes their four Japanese singles, new original Japanese songs, and more for a total of 11 tracks. The album comes on three editions with special Limited edition bonus CD that includes 10 songs from various SUPER JUNIOR units. Album “Hero” is scheduled to hit stores July 24th 2013 – read on for more details…

~ details updated ~

SUPER JUNIOR last released their 4th Japanese single “Sexy, Free & Single” on August 22nd 2012. Since then different group units have released Japanese songs – SUPER JUNIOR-KRY consists of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung released “Promise You” January 23rd 2013 and SUPER JUNIOR: Donghae & Eunhyuk are about to release their second Japanese single “I WANNA DANCE” on June 19th 2013.

Their first Japanese album comes on three editions,

– Limited with two CDs and DVD. The bonus CD includes SUPER JUNIOR unit music, 48-page photo booklet, long-size deluxe packaging. Included DVD contains music videos for previously released songs and new videos. A special First Press version adds bonus live performances and making of clips to the DVD (extra cost also).

– Regular CD only (same as Limited CD1).

– E.L.F. Japan fan club edition CD plus DVD. CD similar to Limited and DVD includes live performance clips,  jacket cover photo-shoot (making-of), Hero music video (making-of), and Hanamizuki music video (making-of).

Another First Press bonus will be available on both editions (details not yet announced).

Track list is preliminary, order and contents will change. Jacket covers and updated details will be posted when announced.

Watch the preview music video for the upcoming single “I WANNA DANCE” by unit Donghae & Eunhyuk below the release details.

SUPER JUNIORHero” – release date July 24th 2013

Limited [CDx2 + DVD] (¥5040 / ¥3990)

Regular [CD] (¥2310)

1. Bijin (BONAMANA)
2. Mr. Simple
3. Opera
4. Sexy, Free & Single
5. Our Love
6. Way
7. Hero (new)
8. – 11. undecided
1. 太完美 (Perfection) (M)
2. 命運線 (Destiny) (M)
3. Oppa, Oppa (Donghae & Eunhyuk)
4. First Love (Donghae)
5. I WANNA DANCE (Donghae & Eunhyuk)
6. Love That I Need feat. HENRY (Donghae & Eunhyuk)
7. Promise You (K.R.Y.)
8. Hanamizuki (K.R.Y.)
9. Rokugo!!! (T)
10. Ashita no Tameni (Sugmin)
1. Mr. Simple
2. Opera
3. Sexy, Free & Single
4. Oppa, Oppa
5. Promise You
6. Rokuko!!!
8. I WANNA DANCE (room ver.) (new)
9. Hanamizuki
10. Hero (new)
[bonus Live Clips]
11. A-nation 2012 fes. (3-4 songs planned)(live)
12. SUPER JUNIOR-KRY Special Winter Concert 2013 Kobe World Hall (3 ~ 4 songs planned)
13. Making-of videos (planned)
1. Bijin (BONAMANA)
2. Mr. Simple
3. Opera
4. Sexy, Free & Single
5. Our Love
6. Way
7. Hero (new)
8. – 11. undecided



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SUPER JUNIOR Official website (Japanese)