Ceui is getting ready to release single Pandora with tie-up as the theme song for PSP/PS Vita game Kaleido-Eve (カレイドイヴ). The song features Lyrics are written by Ceui with music provided by her regular collaborator Kodaka Kotaro (小高光太郎). Single Pandora comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores November 5th 2014 – details and game preview video featuring theme song Pandora follow.

Singer and songwriter Ceui most recently released a pair of 8 song mini-albums Pandora Code – Zetsubo Hen – and Pandora Code – Kibo Hen – on September 10th 2014. Along with the new single the three are her Pandora Project. Ceui is also currently holding associated live tour – Pandora Codes Eden Tour hitting 6 venues (more details at her official website),

– Sept 21st 2014 ESP Entertainment CLUB GARDEN, Osaka
– Sept 23rd 2014 ESP Musical Academy, Shinjuku
– Oct. 5th 2014 MID, Nagoya
– Nov. 3rd 2014 DRUM SON, Fukuoka
– Nov. 8th 2014 MACANA, Sendai
– Nov. 22nd 2014 Kinema Club, Tokyo

PSP and PS Vita game Kaleido-Eve (Kaleidoscope Eve, カレイドイヴ) produced by estciel & HuneX is due out January 22nd 2015 (in Japan).


For new single a mini-live and handshake event is planned with tickets available to purchasers at target stores (animate, Toranoana)

– Nov. 24th 2014 3:30pm Mirai Kenkyujo Fan Theater

Single Pandora comes on one CD-only edition. Has illustrated jacket cover with artist image on reverse. Most stores offer an additional double-sided jacket cover (images very by store).


*Coupling track will be updated when revealed.

Trailer PV for PSP/PSVita game Kaleido-EVE featuring theme song Pandora after the release details.

CeuiPandora – release date November 5th 2014

Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Pandora
lyrics: Ceui, music: Kodaka Kotaro

2. undecided
3. Pandora (off vocal)
4. undecided (off vocal)




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