nano revealed the details for her next single “Born to be” with tie-up as the ending theme for anime Magical Warfare. Its her 4th single and comes on two CD-only editions. Single “Born to be” releases on February 19th 2014 – read on for full details….

~ updated: music video unveiled ~

nano is American born singer fluent in both English and Japanese and sings in both languages. She first became popular covering Vocaloid songs with her own English lyrics posted on NicoNico Douga and YouTube. nano released 2nd single “No pain, No game” (2012.10.10) featured as OP for 2012 anime BTOOM! and her debut single “Now or Never” (2012.05.23) has tie-in as OP for anime Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle.

Most recently nano released her 3rd single SAVIOR OF SONG featuring Hiro of rock band MY FIRST STORY on October 30th 2013 (more details). The single is featured as opening theme for anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio).

Anime Magical Warfare (Maho Senso)is adapted from light novels by Hisashi Suzuki. The modern day action story follows Takeshi Nanase who is changed from a normal high school student into a magician during an encounter with an unknown student Mui Aiba who herself is a magician. Takeshi and his friends learn that there is a separate world where magic wielders do battle and they choose to attend a special high school in this separate world.

The anime features Mamoru Miyano (Takeshi) and Nao Toyama (Mui) and began airing January 9th 2014 on TBS TV in Japan. Outside of Japan the anime is simulcast on provider Crunchyroll – check our Crunchyroll updates page for all available new anime episodes or hit the link for Magical Warfare for episodes and related stories.

The anime’s opening theme is provided by Yuuka Nanri with her 5th solo single Senko no PRISONER that hits stores February 5th 2014 (more details).

Single “Born to be” release information was a bit delayed due to nano recovering from acute pancreatitis diagnosed on December 2nd 2013. nano was hospitalized and resting for about one month but is now back 100%. Her new single comes on two editions each with different coupling track,

– Regular artist themed CD-only. Includes bonus tin badge “Chibi nano”.

– Regular anime themed CD-only. Includes bonus tin badge “Magical Warfare”

Just revealed music video follows below (ed. 2014.01.28)

nanoBorn to be – release date February 19th 2014

Regular “nano” [CD] (¥1100) nano-bornA
Regular “anime” [CD] (¥1100) nano-bornB
1. Born to be
2. Happy Ending Simulator
3. Born to be (off vocal)
4. Happy Ending Simulator (off vocal)
1. Born to be
3. Born to be (off vocal)
4. NEW WORLD (off vocal)




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