Korean actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong tops the singles charts with his 4th Japanese single HOT SUN selling over 83,000 copies. Rock band UVERworld lands in #2 with single 7 Kame no Ketsui (7日目の決意) – their 26th single and featured during their UVERworld ARENA LIVE 2013 winter tour.

Topping the albums chart is Hey! Say! JUMP with their 3rd album smart selling over 126,000 copies. Longtime rock group X JAPAN has a new greatest hits album in #2 and last week’s #1 from Namie Amuro, her compilation album Ballada containing her best ballad songs, slips to #3.

The original soundtrack album FROZEN (Anna and the Snow Queen) continues its run but slipping to #5 after several weeks in the top 3. The album has now spent 15 straight weeks in the top 10.

Idol unit 9nine has their 3rd album MAGI9 PLAYLAND in the appropriate spot, #9!

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.


Singles for  June 16th – 22nd 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kim Hyun Joong HOT SUN June 18th 83,307
2 UVERworld 7 Kame no Ketsui June 18th 51,136
3 Jin daze / days June 18th 39,415
4 765PRO ALLSTARS Ramune Iro Seishun June 18th 18,082
5 Yusuke Sunshine / MegaVolt June 18th 17,616
6 Silent Siren Lucky Girl June 18th 16,275
7 Tohoshinki Sweat / Answer June 11th 15,483
8 Ayaka Niji Iro June 18th 14,864
9 F.CUZ Feeling My Soul June 18th 12,482
10 [Alexandros] Adventure / Droshky! June 18th 10,153


Albums for June 16th – 22nd 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Hey! Say! JUMP smart June 18th 126,734

THE WORLD – X JAPAN Hatsu no Zensekai Best (Greatest Hits Album)

June 17th 39,009
3 Namie Amuro Ballada June 4th 32,176
4 Linkin Park The Hunting Party June 18th 27,846
5 Various Artists FROZEN: Anna and the Snow Queen Soundtrack March 12th 25,075
6 THE ALFEE Alfee Get Requests! 2 June 18th 19,102
7 DJ Makidai from EXILE EXILE TRIBE PERFECT MIX June 18th 17,291
8 KREVA KX June 18th 16,643
9 9nine MAGI9 PLAYLAND June 18th 16,621
10 10-FEET RE: 6-feat June 18th 16,421


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