Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ) is getting ready to release single Parallax View and revealed the jacket covers and more bonus details. Her 3rd single gets tie-up as the ending theme for Hozuki no Reitetsu (鬼灯の冷徹) plus Uesaka Sumire voices supporting character Peach Maki in the dark comedy anime. Single Parallax View comes on three editions hitting stores March 5th 2014 – update details follow.

Voice actress and singer Uesaka Sumire (21) began in 2011 voicing minor characters until she landed the lead roll in anime Muromi-san (2013). She also made her singing debut providing the opening theme song for Muromi-san with single Nanatsu no Umi Yori Kimi no Umi (2013.04.24). Uesaka Sumire is also known for her love of Russian culture from an early age and her songs and music video show this influence.

Uesaka Sumire recently released her first album Kakumei Teki Broadway Shugisha Doumei (革命的ブロードウェイ主義者同盟). The album includes her two previously released singles and more with 14 total tracks. The album hit stores January 8th 2014 – more details.

Anime Hozuki no Reitetsu is adapted from manga by Natsumi Eguchi and follows the story of Hozuki, the aide to Hell King Enma. Hozuki attempts to resolve the various problems and conficts in Hell. Calm though sadistic Hozuki still finds time for his hobbies including raising Goldfish flowers.

WIT Studio (Attack on Titan) produces the dark supernatural anime that features veteran voice actors Hiroki Yasumoto as Hozuki, Eri Kitamura as Oko, and Takashi Nagasako as King Enma along with Uesaka Sumire as Peach Maki. Anime Hozuki no Reitetsu began airing in Japan on January 9th 2014 on MBS-TV, TBS-TV, and more channels. Outside of Japan provider Crunchyroll is simulcasting the anime – check our Crunchyroll updates page for all the latest anime episodes or hit the link for Hozuki no Reitetsu for episodes and related stores.

Uesaka Sumire is holding a mini-live launch event for new single Parallax View. Viewing is free with limited number of tickets available at venue day-of event. Tickets given to purchasers of the single at target store for event plus take delivery of single at the venue receive a bonus also special sticker and b2-size poster,

– March 16th 2:00pm Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store Sky Deck rooftop mini-live and single delivery (target store: Tsutaya Shibuya).

Single Parallax View comes on three editions,

– Limited with DVD planned to include music video for title track.

– Limited Pressing anime themed with bonus CD track and illustrated jacket cover.

– Regular CD-only with bonus coupling track.

Most stores offer purchase bonus photo on either edition (varies by store). Some stores offer additional bonus anime photo with Limited Pressing edition and poster or clear file bonus with Limited edition. Bonuses vary by store so check your store for type and availability (Gamers, animate, Tower, HMV, Toranoana, and more) – samples,


Uesaka SumireParallax View – release date March 5th 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1700) uesaka-sumire-parallaxA
Limited Pressing Anime [CD] (¥1500) uesaka-sumire-parallaxB
1. Parallax View
lyrics: Otsuki Kenji, composer: NARASAKI, arrangement: Sadesper Record

2. Sumire Code
lyrics, composer: Matsunaga Tenma, arrangement: Urban Garde

3. Parallax View (off vocal)
1. Parallax View (music video)

1. Parallax View
2. Sumire Code
3. Parallax View (off vocal)
4. Parallax View (TV-size)
Regular [CD] (¥1200) uesaka-sumire-parallaxC
1. Parallax View
2. Sumire Code
3. Mukyuu Nari Shumi Utsushi Shudan (無窮なり趣味写集団)
4. Parallax View (off vocal)



Uesaka Sumire official website (StarChild)

Hozuki no Reitetsu official website