angela provides the opening theme Exist and ending theme Anya Kouro (暗夜航路) for anime Fafner EXODUS. Both songs included on angela’s single Exist (イグジスト) that comes on two editions releasing February 11th 2015. All the details and preview music video follow.

~ full music video revealed ~

angela has been closely connected with the Fafner anime franchise since its first TV series in 2004. As part of the franchise’s 10th anniversary they are also releasing the Fafner Complete Best Album. The album features all the opening and ending themes as well as insert and character songs all provided by angela (excluding the upcoming single). The album includes 21 songs on 2 CDs and releases simultaneous with the new single on February 11th 2015 (more details below).

Original anime Fafner follows a group of students who live in the central island Tatsumiyajima of a group of Japanese islands where life is calm and not much happens. Suddenly they are trust into a battle for the fate of humanity and the truth of their island is revealed. At the center of this is a giant robot Fafner and student Kazuki as the guardian of mankind. The anime aired 24 episodes in 2004, OVA episode (2005), and movie Fafner: Heaven and Earth (2010) set 2 years after the events of original series.


The new anime series Fafner EXODUS celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original series and set 2 and a half years after the events of the movie. The main cast returns including Ishii Makoto (Kazuki), Kiyusu Kohei (Minashiro Soshi), and Matsumoto Marika (Tomi Maya). The anime airs starting January 8th 2015 on MBS TV and other digital stations in Japan. Outside of Japan provider Crunchyroll simulcasts – hit the link for Fafner EXODUS for episodes and related stories.

Single Exist comes on two editions. Anime edition has illustrated jacket and a First Press version includes transparent case packaging and card (1 of 5). Both edition include serial number for priority ticket purchase for angela’s LIVE TOUR 2015. Most stores offer additional purchase bonus that varies by store (L-size photo, photo, extra jacket cover, and others – check your store).

Preview music video for Exist and anime trailer video both after the release details.

angelaExist – release date February 11th 2015

Limited [CD+BD] (¥1800)

Anime [CD] (¥1200)

1. Exist
2. Anya Kouro
3. Exist (off vocal)
4. Anya Kouro (off vocal)
1. Exist (music video)
1. Exist
2. Anya Kouro
3. Exist (off vocal)
4. Anya Kouro (off vocal)
Fafner Complete Best Album [CD] (¥3000)

[CD1 & CD2]
1. fly me to the sky
2. Proof (ED ep15 Fafner)
3. Shangri-La (OP Fafner)
4. Shangri-La (MF)
5. Separation (ED Fafner)
6. Separation (PF)
7. Yakusoku
8. innocence
10. Peace of mind (OP Fafner OVA)
12. Rikai to Hakai e no Prelude
13. Hatenaki Monologue
14. Soukyuu (OP Heaven and Earth)
15. Sayonara no Toki Kurai Hohoende (ED Heaven and Earth)
16. Remember Me
17. Seimei – Inochi –
[Character songs]
18. azul
19. terra
20. flugel
21. Mystic Girl




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