Hitomi Harada (原田ひとみ) provided more details for her upcoming single Overdrive and revealed audio preview. Her 9th single has tie-up as opening theme for anime VALKYRIE DRIVE – MERMAID plus she voices supporting character Sagara Momoka in the ero-action anime. Single Overdrive comes on one anime-themed edition that hits stores November 25th 2015.

The new single also includes coupling track Oh No, Oh No featured as image song for the VALKYRIE DRIVE multi-media project.

Singer and voice actor Hitomi Harada who debuted with single Once (2011.07.27) most recently released 1st album glänzend on February 4th 2015.

Anime VALKYRIE DRIVE – MERMAID is part of the VALKYRIE DRIVE project from Marvelous. Young girl Tokonome Mamori tests positive for a special Armed virus and is banished to Mermaid island. Suddenly attacked Mamori is protected by another new arrival Shikishima Mirei. Mamori soon learns what happens when a Exter meets her Liberator.


The anime features Yuka Iguchi as Mirei and new voice actor Mikako Izawa as Mamori. It began airing October 10th 2015 on Tokyo MX and outside of Japan Daisuki.net streams along with Funimation.com.

The anime’s ending theme Ultra Super Hyper Miracle Romantic is provided by Yuka Iguchi and Mikako Izawa.

Single Overdrive comes on on CD-only edition with illustrated jacket cover. Most stores offer photo bonus – image and availability varies by store (CDJapan sample),


Audio preview video for both tracks and anime trailer after the release details.

Hitomi HaradaOverdrive – release date November 25th 2015

Regular “Anime” [CD] (¥1200)
1. Overdrive
2. Oh No, Oh No
3. Overdrive (off vocal)
4. Oh No, Oh No (off vocal)



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