Leo Ieiri (家入レオ) is getting ready to release single “miss you” and revealed short-version music video and more bonus details. Her 9th single comes on two editions with the Limited edition including live tracks and photo booklet with images captured at her 20th birthday live event. Single “miss you” hits stores February 11th 2015 – read on for all the details and PV.

Talented singer and songwriter Leo Ieiri was recently awarded the Best Asian Artist Japan at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards held December 3rd 2014. The award joins her other accolades including a 2013 55th Japan Record Awards Excellence Winner for single Taiyo no Megami and 2012 54th Japan Records Awards Best New Artist award.

Most recently Leo Ieiri (20) released 8th single Silly (2014.11.17) with tie-up as the theme song for TBS TV drama N no tame ni. She released a special edition of the single at her birthday live event LEO IEIRI LIVE 12/13 ~thanks 2014~ held December 13th 2014 at STUDIO COAST Shinkiba.

Single “miss you” comes on two editions. Limited includes 24-page photo booklet with images taken at her birthday live LEO IEIRI LIVE 12/13 ~ thanks 2014 ~ and 3 coupling song recorded live during the event. Regular edition features 2 new songs as coupling tracks.

Most stores offer postcard as purchase bonus (varies by store),


Music video for miss you after the release details.

Leo Ieirimiss you – release date February 11th 2015

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. miss you
2. Taiyo no Megami (live)
3. Shine (live)
4. a boy (live)
5. miss you (off vocal)
1. miss you (music video)
1. miss you
2. I am foolish
3. Driving day
4. miss you (off vocal)
5. I am foolish (off vocal)
6. Driving day (off vocal)



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