Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々) is getting ready to release 33rd single Exterminate and revealed a preview music video and bonus details. Her new single has tie-up as opening theme for anime Symphogear GX ((戦姫絶唱シンフォギアGX) plus she continues voicing key character Kazanari Tsubasa in the 3rd season of the musical-action anime. Single Exterminate comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores July 22nd 2015.

The new single’s title song is a collaboration with Nana Mizuki writing the lyrics along with the A-team from Elements Garden composer: Noriyasu Agematsu and arranger: Fujima Junpei.

Nana Mizuki also provided the anime’s first ending theme with song Glorious Break and insert song Beyond the BLADE (ep2) both sung in character Kazarnari Tsubasa voice. The songs may be included on the upcoming Symphogear GX Character Song #3 Kazarmari Tsubasa single (August 12th 2015).

Anime Symphogear (Senki Zessho Symphogear) is an original anime from Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) and produced by studio Satelight. It aired its first season January 2012. The third season Symphogear GX continues the story of idols who protect their world with armor known as Symphogear.


Nana Mizuki (Kazanari Tsubasa), Yoko Hikasa (Maria), Aoi Yuuki (Tachibana Hibiki), Nanjo Yoshino (Tsukuyomi Shirabe), and Ayahi Takagaki (Chris) all renew their rolls. The anime begins airing July 3rd 2015 on MBS TV and Tokyo MX in Japan and provider Funimation.com streams for North American.

Ayahi Takagaki provides the ending theme with new single Rebirth-day (more details).

Single Exterminate comes on one CD-only edition. First Press adds color case and bonus photo (image and availability varies by store, sample cdJapan).


* Updated with full preview music video and anime trailers after the release details.

Nana MizukiExterminate – July 22nd 2015

Regular [CD] (¥1111)

1. Exterminate
lyrics: Nana Mizuki, composer: Noriyasu Agematsu, arranger: Fujima Junpei
2. Bramble
lyrics: Nana Mizuki, music: Kato Yusuke

3. It’s Only Brave (ending theme Koshien 97th National High School Baseball Championship Tournament Ehime Asahi TV)
lyrics,composer: Oya Gihiro, arranger: Yamashita Yosuke




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