TWO-FORMULA is getting ready to release new single SOMEBODY TO LOVE and unveiled all the release details along with a preview music video. The unit’s 2nd single has tie-up as the ending theme for anime ISUCA plus unit members both voice key supporting characters in the magical-comedy-romance anime. Single SOMEBODY TO LOVE comes on two editions hitting stores January 28th 2015. All the details and PVs follow.

Voice actors Zougou Saeko and Sadohara Kaori form TWO-FORMULA. They released first single Taiyo to Tsuki no CROSS on November 27th 2013. That single has tie-up as the ending theme for anime My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy.

Sadohara Kaori also releases her 4th solo single Still Sis on February 4th 2015 which is featured as the ending theme for anime The Testament of Sister New Devil. She is also part of unit sweet ARMS who are releasing 5th single Blade of Hope on February 4th 2015 with tie-up as the opening theme for the same anime (more details).

For the upcoming anime ISUCA, Zougou Saeko voices Soma Nadeshiko and Sadohara Kaori voices Matsuri,


Anime ISUCA, adapted from manga by Takahashi Osamu, follows student Asano Shinichiro who begins work as a housekeeper for the old and respected Shimazu family. He meets the daughter Shimazu Sakuya after he accidentally releases a demon and Sakuya seals it away with her sprit Archery. Asano has his own powers revealed and learns Sakuya’s true name Isuca and upon speaking it she becomes unable to disobey him.


The anime begins airing January 23rd 2015 on Tokyo MX and online provider Crunchyroll streams. Check our Crunchyroll updates page or hit the link for ISUCA for episodes and related stories.

Idol group Afilia Saga provides the anime’s opening theme with 14th single Never say Never releasing February 11th 2015.

Single SOMEBODY TO LOVE comes on two editions. Limited includes illustrated jacket cover and bonus track. Most stores offer purchase bonus photo – image and availability varies by store (Getchu and CDjapan samples),


Preview music video plus anime trailer after the release details

TWO-FORMULASOMEBODY TO LOVE – release date January 28th 2015

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Somebody to love
2. Soufuu no Nirvana
3. Mini Drama
4. Somebody to love (off vocal)
5. Soufuu no Nirvana (off vocal)
1. Somebody to love (music video)
2. making-of music video documentary
1. Somebody to love
2. Soufuu no Nirvana
3. Somebody to love (off vocal)
4. Soufuu no Nirvana (off vocal)





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