ChouCho revealed preview music video, jacket cover, and full track list for single Kuso Triangle (空想トライアングル). Her 13th single has tie-up as ending theme for anime Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru (HaruChika, ハルチカ ~ハルタとチカは青春する~). Single Kuso Triangle comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores February 24th 2016.

Most recently singer / songwriter ChouCho released 12th single piece of youth on November 25th 2015. The single has tie-up as theme song for anime movie from the GIRLS und PANZER franchise. ChouCho also announced her participation on new mini-album Yugiki "Girls und Panzer" Vocal Mini Album. She’ll write the lyrics for at least two of the included songs and sing in duet with Sasaki Sayaka.

Anime HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru (ハルチカ ~ハルタとチカは青春する~) is adapted from light novel series by Hatsuno Sei. The story follows childhood friends and classmates Haruta and Chika as members of the wind instruments club which is about to be shutdown. While concerned about recruiting new members to save their club an incident happens at school and they set off to solve the mystery.

The anime produced by P.A.Works features Saito Soma as Kamijo Haruta and Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Homura Chika. It started January 6th 2016 on Tokyo MX in Japan and provider streams.

Group fhána provides the opening theme with new single Niji wo Ametara (虹を編めたら).

Single Kuso Triangle (空想トライアングル) comes on one CD-only edition. Select stores offer bonus photo or postcard.

Preview music video and anime trailer after the release details.

ChouChoKuso Triangle– release date February 24th 2015

Regular[CD] (¥1200)
1. Kuso Triangle       
lyrcis: ChouCho, music: Nakayama Masato

2. Tomorrow is another day
lyrics: ChouCho, composer: Sato Junichi (fhana), arranger: Tsuge Toshimichi

3. Kuso Triangle (off vocal)
4. undecided (off vocal)




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